ColourMeChartreuse. Do it.

Hey! I'm Mike. I sing and eat mostly.
I'm a pretty big nerd; science is my bitch.


Just had one of the best dinners ever and my waitress was fucking awesome and she’s a total doll and deserves the best. She asked for my url and I really hope she follows me hahahah (her name is Liana). Well if you follow me message me so I know it’s you!! :)

The fifty shades of grey movie comes out on valentines day. I can’t think of a better way of spending valentines day by myself

Anonymous asked: that crop top picture is perfect because it makes you happy and that's all that matters. that anon can go away


Anonymous asked: Hi Mike! Based off that video you did singing happy birthday to that one person, you should most def sing A Tale As Old As Time (Beauty and the Beast). I think it'd sound wonderful in your voice

I’ll check it out!! Thanks for giving me something to do during these boring days of summer lol